Gates Grantees Bring Together Community to Re-Imagine West Colfax

Prior to the Re-Imagine Colfax Celebration, PlaceMatters built and piloted a user-friendly first and last mile connection app that allows residents to crowdsource barriers and improvements to local street infrastructure. In addition to the app, the organization held two stakeholder meetings and hosted a design charrette to identify community priorities.

Grantee WalkDenver participated in the West Colfax demonstration project as part of its broader Great Paths program, which allows communities to learn about the connection between the built environment and quality of life through hands-on demonstration projects.

Additional Re-imagine Colfax partners included the West Colfax Business Improvement District and Gates grantee Groundwork Denver.  Results from the Re-imagine West Colfax process will be presented by PlaceMatters at the New Partners for Smart Growth conference in Portland, Oregon in early 2016, and a final report will be given to the City and County of Denver with prioritized recommendations for implementation.