A multiyear grant for urban parks

Denver is the fourth fastest growing metropolitan area in the country.  The rapid growth in population places stress on all aspects of the city's infrastructure - from transportation networks, to social services, to natural resources - jeopardizing residents' economic, physical and emotional health, and quality of life.  Building on the momentum of the newly completed New Freedom Park, and the installation of four fitness zones in Denver (La Alma /Lincoln, Huston Lake, Swansea and Silverman Parks), The Trust for Public Land in Colorado's Parks for People program has developed a long-term strategic initiative to improve the quality and character of the Denver metro area for decades to come. 

The Foundation is partnering with TPL in an ambitious multi-year plan to add and enhance community park and trail facilities in Denver’s Westwood and Zuni Park neighborhoods, Aurora’s Jewell and Nome Parks and Triple Creek area, and the North Denver Cornerstone Collaborative area.