Support Available For Energy-Efficiency Improvements

resourcesmart Helps Nonprofits obtain energy-efficiency

iCAST (International Center for Appropriate & Sustainable Technology) and Funding Partners (both Colorado-based nonprofits) have joined forces to launch ResourceSmart for Nonprofits - an energy-efficiency improvement program designed to create a simple way for eligible nonprofits across Colorado to achieve energy savings. Gates Family Foundation is providing PRI support for this effort.

ResourceSmart for Nonprofits offers a unique combination of incentives, rebates, and financing options that will allow nonprofits to immediately plan for and obtain energy efficiencies.  The improvements will help nonprofits reduce their carbon footprint, save money on utility bills, reduce energy use, create a comfortable and safe environment for employees and program participants, create local jobs, and protect the environment. 

Services provided by ResourceSmart for Nonprofits include:

  • Comprehensive energy assessments
  • Carbon monoxide & radon testing and remediation
  • Water conservation
  • Detailed report with costs, savings and payback analysis for each recommendation
  • Access to grants, rebates, and incentives 
  • Affordable loan packages to help offset initial costs
  • Management of available rebate and incentive programs
  • Benefit of bulk purchasing and volume discounts
  • Complete sub-contractor recruitment, qualification and work management
  • Inspections and final quality checks
  • Invoicing and reporting


How the process works:
   1. Sign up and schedule an energy assessment with iCAST
   2. Energy assessor conducts comprehensive testing
   3. You will receive a detailed report with costs, savings and payback details
   4. You decide what improvements and financing options fit your agency's needs
   5. iCAST oversees all subcontractors and work and completes quality checks
   6. Your agency achieves immediate savings that continue to increase over time!

For more information, please contact iCAST at 1-866-590-4377 or visit  or email

ResourceSmart for Nonprofits is an iCAST managed program.
iCAST is a Colorado 501(c)(3) nonprofit corporation