Arapahoe Street Bike Lane: 'How It Got Built'

PeopleForBikes, a Boulder-based national nonprofit group that connects the bicycle industry and millions of individual riders, has released an interactive, deep-dive look at nine different bike projects across the country -- including Denver's protected lane on Arapahoe Street.

The Arapahoe Street project finalized a complete connection from the Cherry Creek bike path at the University of Colorado Denver, through downtown's central business district to the reemerging Ballpark neighborhood. The project was completed in 2015; the PeopleForBikes feature -- and the eight others in the series -- explores How It Got Built."

A crowdfunding campaign initiated by the Downtown Denver Partnership (DDP) was pivotal in bringing the Arapahoe Street project from concept to reality, as it inspired around 200 individuals and organizations to donate a total of $36,085 to the project.

In the article, Gates Family Foundation President Tom Gougeon says that the Arapahoe project has helped to accelerate the first component of Denver’s bike lane network, and supports a larger goal of leading to greater demand.

“We’re interested in giving people choices and alternatives to the automobile," Gougeon told PeopleForBikes. "(The crowdfunding campaign) was a great way to engage people and give visibility. We don’t have the resources to invest millions to build, but if we can catalyze then that’s a good use of our dollars."

2015 Grand Opening of Arapahoe Street Protected Bike Lane. Photo Credit: Downtown Denver Partnership