International Acclaim for Denver’s Dahlia Campus

Congratulations to the Mental Health Center of Denver's Dahlia Campus for Health and Wellbeing for winning the International Association for Public Participation’s "Project of the Year" award, for demonstrating excellence in public engagement before and during the launch of the campus in early 2016.

Designed in partnership with residents of Denver’s Park Hill neighborhood, the four-acre site offers early childhood education, access to naturally grown produce and protein, a teaching kitchen, community room and gymnasium, pediatric dental clinic, and a wide array of mental health services.

“Communities often resist construction of mental health facilities, in response to a strong (but largely unfounded) stigma associated with the work," said Dr. Lydia Prado, who led the project and public outreach, along with Dr. Forrest Cason, for the Dahlia campus. "The team at MHCD had a compelling recognition that the campus would only achieve its full potential if it was closely connected to and supported by local community members.”

This is community building at its best -- we're grateful to support such outstanding work!


Mental Health Center of Denver's Dahlia Campus