'Transforming Mobility in Denver' Identifies Data, Trends, Recommendations

Over the past five years, downtown Denver has experienced 30% population growth and 12% employment growth -- now providing employment, entertainment, retail, and educational opportunities for over 130,000 employees, 22,000 residents, 45,000 visitors, and 58,000 students, daily.

To address increased demand, city leaders have engaged these groups to develop new visions for bicycling and outdoor space downtown – including citywide plans to create a local transit strategy and to link land use and transportation together. These plans have laid the foundation for a multi-modal street system and prioritize moving people, rather than automobiles.

The Downtown Denver Partnership's latest mobility report, ‘Transforming Mobility in Downtown Denver,’ identifies data and trends, case studies, and recommendations to inform the policies, initiatives, and smart transportation investments needed to deliver the greatest economic impact and improve connectivity in our center city.

Gates Family Foundation President Tom Gougeon is a member of the DDP Management Board, and the Foundation invests in multi-modal access and infrastructure as part of our Community Development strategic initiative.