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University of Colorado Anschutz

$30,000 | Awarded: 2020

To build a website to be used as a tool for managing data, monitoring trends, projecting near-term conditions, and informing decision makers and the



$75,000 | Awarded: 2020

To support Chalkbeat Colorado, an online education news service


The Colorado Sun

$1,500,000 | Awarded: 2020

An impact investment of up to $1.5 million to support The Colorado Sun’s efforts to grow its nonpartisan, independent news coverage of important issues


New Voice Strategies

$2,500 | Awarded: 2020

To support a virtual town hall for viewers of “Divided We Fall: Unity Without Tragedy” on Rocky Mountain PBS


Rocky Mountain Public Media

$100,000 | Awarded: 2020

To purchase an FM radio license for THE DROP, which at launch is one of just five “urban alternative” public radio stations in the


High Country News

$150,000 | Awarded: 2019

To continue expanding the reach and impact of HCN in Colorado and the West.


Colorado Public Radio

$175,000 | Awarded: 2019

To support CPR’s acquisition of Denverite and transition the digital site to a public media operating model


Denver Press Club

$35,000 | Awarded: 2019

To support renovations to the nation’s oldest press club