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News: Stewardship at Scale


Lefthand Watershed Oversight Group

$42,500 | Awarded: 2018

To support development and implementation of the Community Science Program to expand engagement in natural resource stewardship and to provide a model for use


Colorado Forum Fund

$80,000 | Awarded: 2018

To support the Growth Forum’s 2019 collaborative planning efforts


Sand County Foundation

$13,000 | Awarded: 2018

To support the recognition of excellence in agricultural natural resources stewardship by a Colorado family in 2019 and elevate the promotion of the Leopold


Dolores River Boating Advocates

$70,000 | Awarded: 2018

To support efforts to build community around long-term management and protection of the lower Dolores River


National Young Farmers Coalition

$75,000 | Awarded: 2017

To support the development and implementation of National Young Farmers Coalition’s outreach, education, and partnership-building efforts in Colorado to develop stronger agricultural engagement in


Trust For Public Land

$100,000 | Awarded: 2016

To support detailed planning, pilot projects, and institutional development for the Metro Denver Nature Alliance in 2017 and 2018


National Forest Foundation

$225,000 | Awarded: 2016

To support basic start-up staff capacity for the Find Your Fourteener program, as a model for stewardship at scale statewide


Civic Canopy

$30,000 | Awarded: 2014

To convene and facilitate a series of meetings among a small group of leading outdoor stewardship organizations in Colorado to discuss ways to work