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University of Colorado Anschutz

$30,000 | Awarded: 2020

To build a website to be used as a tool for managing data, monitoring trends, projecting near-term conditions, and informing decision makers and the


Keep it Colorado

$50,000 | Awarded: 2020

To support land trusts with the use of remote sensing technologies to monitor easements during COVID and to establish more resilient stewardship practices for


Chinook Fund – Another World is Possible Fund

$20,000 | Awarded: 2020

Toward the Another World is Possible Fund, which provides COVID-19 pandemic response and longer-term support for Colorado organizations with a social justice mission


NPX Charitable Inc.

$75,000 | Awarded: 2020

To help launch the Colorado Donor Impact Fund, a pay-for-success model that will invest heavily in three to five impact-oriented Colorado nonprofits poised to