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Colorado Succeeds

$10,000 | Awarded: 2020

Toward the COVID-19 Colorado Restaurant Response



$50,000 | Awarded: 2020

To launch a Relief & Recovery Fund that supports interest-only or deferred payments for existing loans, new business recovery loans, and support services to


Enterprise Community Partners Inc.

$40,000 | Awarded: 2020

To implement the Emergency Action for Resident & Partner Sustainability program in Colorado, and to address affordable housing policy issues during this period of


Family Resource Center Association Inc.

$45,000 | Awarded: 2020

To support COVID response efforts by Family Resource Center Association members serving rural and underresourced parts of Colorado, with a preference for organizations serving


Rocky Mountain Microfinance Institute

$50,000 | Awarded: 2020

To support the Entrepreneur Responsiveness Package, which provides stabilizing microgrants, a three-month loan payment holiday, and a “pivot accelerator” grant and capacity building initiative



$25,000 | Awarded: 2020

To support black female entrepreneurs as they navigate the economic fallout and recovery of COVID-19


Colorado Enterprise Fund

$4,666,500 | Awarded: 2020

Using the Foundation’s balance sheet to guarantee a loan from FirstBank to Colorado’s three SBA-approved nonprofit lenders (Colorado Enterprise Fund, Colorado Lending Source, and