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Colorado Impact Fund – Bridge Fund I

$1,500,000 | Awarded: 2019

An investment in a private equity fund that provides growth capital to Colorado companies that have potential to generate strong market returns, but also


Keystone Center

$75,000 | Awarded: 2019

To support the implementation of Colorado’s Water Plan


Windward Fund – Water Funders Initiative

$275,000 | Awarded: 2019

To support the Water Funder Initiative’s efforts toward development and alignment of strategies, collarboartion and coordination, and mobilization of resources


New Venture Fund

$150,000 | Awarded: 2019

To support the Colorado River Collaborative’s work to implement the Colorado portion of its basin-wide strategy


Environmental Defense Fund

$100,000 | Awarded: 2019

To support an 18-month scope of work to substantially advance the institutionalization of ATMs in Colorado


Colorado Water Trust

$140,000 | Awarded: 2019

To support work to develop a market-based tool for sustainable water use and management for the Cache la Poudre River


Audubon Rockies

$100,000 | Awarded: 2019

To support Audubon Rockies’ innovative work to build agricultural partnerships for water conservation outcomes


Keep it Colorado

$375,000 | Awarded: 2019

To support the launch of Keep It Colorado