News: Strategic Grant


Conservation Fund

$25,000 | Awarded: 2018

To support the 2018 Conservation Finance Bootcamp at Colorado State University and assistance to encourage the participation of Colorado-based conservation professionals


Empower Schools

$21,519 | Awarded: 2018

To support legal expenses related to the creation and support of innovation zones in Colorado


Colorado Succeeds

$30,000 | Awarded: 2018

To support Colorado Succeeds in identifying at least five pilot locations and launching two school district and business partnerships by 2019 to do work-based


Grassroots Foundation

$40,000 | Awarded: 2018

To implement the Applied Rural Arts Program through the Liberty Rural Learning Co-Operative


Colorado West Land Trust

$95,000 | Awarded: 2018

To fund a Conservation Fellow and technology improvements to inventory and develop a highly efficient approach to monitoring easements for the newly created Colorado


America Succeeds

$252,000 | Awarded: 2018

To support the Ed Xchange shared space collaborative


Lefthand Watershed Oversight Group

$42,500 | Awarded: 2018

To support development and implementation of the Community Science Program to expand engagement in natural resource stewardship and to provide a model for use