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News: 2012


The Nature Conservancy

$250,000 | Awarded: 2012

To support The Nature Conservancy’s broad-based science, policy and practice work on freshwater issues in Colorado


Colorado Water Trust

$73,500 | Awarded: 2012

Toward securing instream flow protections statewide, using a combination of public and private dollars to pay farmers, ranchers, and other water rights holders for


Colorado West Land Trust

$35,000 | Awarded: 2012

Toward the purchase of the Three Sisters property for open space


Colorado West Land Trust

$34,000 | Awarded: 2012

To support Mesa Land Trust (working with the city, county and National Park Service) to conduct a community planning process for the 3.5 mile


Volunteers for Outdoor Colorado

$215,000 | Awarded: 2011

To support a statewide initiative to expand the capacity of public land managers and citizen stewardship organizations to engage the public in the care


Palmer Land Trust

$120,000 | Awarded: 2011

Toward the purchase of conservation easements on portions of the Markus and Gaffney ranches


San Isabel Land Protection Trust

$50,000 | Awarded: 2012

For the purchase of a conservation easement on the Scout Ranch in SE Colorado protecting the natural values of the property and its long-term


Land Trust Alliance

$90,000 | Awarded: 2011

To support the National Conservation Defense Initiative, and the capitalization and launch of a national easement defense insurance pool; and to support the participation


Colorado Coalition of Land Trusts

$30,000 | Awarded: 2012

To allow the Colorado Coalition of Land Trusts (CCLT) to develop a five-year strategic and business plan to help the organization become sustainable in