Public Officials: Apply by March 8 for a Gates Fellowship to Attend Harvard this Summer - Gates Family Foundation

Public officials in Colorado can apply by March 8 for a Gates Fellowship to attend Harvard University’s Senior Executives in State and Local Government program — an intensive three-week summer program to build new skills, strategies and peer relationships for tackling the many complex challenges facing our state.

Since 1980, Gates Family Foundation has sponsored more than 280 of Colorado’s civic leaders to attend the John F. Kennedy School of Government summer program. After two-year hiatus due to COVID, the Harvard program will be offered again in 2022.

Gates funds this fellowship because we know it is critical for Colorado’s state, county, and local government executives to become equipped with as many tools as possible in order to perform their jobs with confidence and skill.

Participants leave the program with new skills and strategies for tackling complex challenges and a new passion and sense of purpose for public service. The interactive classroom allows participants to share ideas and gain insight from one another as they develop their ability to exercise effective leadership in rapidly changing political and social environments.

Applications for the Gates Fellowships must be received by Tuesday, March 8, 2022 (NOTE: this is prior to the program’s general application deadline, which is later in April).

Qualified applicants who become finalists for the Gates Fellowship will be interviewed by the Gates Family Foundation nominating panel in Denver on April 5, 2022. Those selected to be Gates Fellows will have the option of attending one of the two sessions: June 6-24, 2022 or July 11-29, 2022.

The program fee is $16,900 which includes, tuition, housing, curricular materials, and most meals. Gates will pay $16,000 of the tuition cost directly to Harvard for each Fellow selected. Participants or their employers must fund the balance of $900. Applicants can learn more and apply here.

Potential applicants can also check out the Harvard website and/or contact program director Taylor Woods-Gauthier at (617) 496-9280 or