News: Strategic Grant


CityCraft Integrated Research Center

$42,000 | Awarded: 2018

To advance and accelerate the goals of the Sun Valley Food Access Collaborative in order to capture food-related economic opportunities emerging during the redevelopment


Colorado Industrial Areas Foundation

$30,250 | Awarded: 2018

To implement a community organizing strategy, focused initially on the improvement of Adams 14 School District in Commerce City


Central Colorado Conservancy

$63,158 | Awarded: 2018

To support People for Chaffee County and the development of the Chaffee County Community Conservation Exchange program


Artspace Projects, Inc.

$150,000 | Awarded: 2018

To support outreach and pre-development planning activities at the Space to Create sites in Trinidad, Ridgway, and Paonia


Heart J Center for Experiential Learning

$30,000 | Awarded: 2018

To support an innovative Alternative Transfer Methods demonstration project and its potential to serve as added leverage for expanding the scope and scale of


Coalition for the Upper South Platte

$20,000 | Awarded: 2018

To strengthen local community support for conservation in Park County and the Upper South Platte River Watershed