Our 2022-2026 Strategic Plan: Our Team Shares the Highlights - Gates Family Foundation
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Throughout 2021, the Gates Family Foundation board and staff engaged in a strategic planning process that involved extensive input and feedback from our partners, grantees, and peers. Now it is our pleasure to share with you the new strategic plan that will guide Gates’ work and investments for the next five years.

During a series of six webinars in February and March 2022, our team shared the broad strokes of our 2022-2026 strategic plan: what’s new and what’s unchanged, and how — by working together — we can make a positive impact on the most important issues facing our state.

Capital Grants  |  Education  |  Natural Resources  |  Community Development
Informed Communities  |  Impact Investments

Whether you are a current or former grantee or partner, or someone who has not yet worked with us — we hope that you will enjoy viewing these conversations below. You can also download the slide decks that our team shared during the presentations. The full, board-approved version of our new strategic plan is here.

Have a question for our team, or want to pitch your idea? You can find all staff contact information here, and we recently added an inquiry form to our website where you can introduce yourself or submit project ideas.

This just the beginning of the conversation, and we hope that you will join us.

Capital Grants

With Lisa Rucker and Tom Gougeon   |   Download the PowerPoint



With Mary Seawell, Ana Soler and Tom Gougeon   |   Download the PowerPoint


Natural Resources

With Whitney Johnson and Tom Gougeon   |   Download the PowerPoint


Community Development

With Laia Mitchell and Tom Gougeon   |   Download the PowerPoint

Informed Communities

With Melissa Milios Davis and Tom Gougeon   |   Download the PowerPoint


Impact Investments

With Sue Dorsey, Anna Schmid and Tom Gougeon   |   Download the PowerPoint