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GRID Alternatives Colorado

$10,000 | Awarded: 2019

To support GRID’s Pueblo Solar Training Academy and provide solar installation to low-income households and the Pueblo Housing Authority



$100,000 | Awarded: 2019

To support the Small Business Impact Fund


Rocky Mountain Microfinance Institute

$150,000 | Awarded: 2019

To build foundational support for integrated and expanded technology solutions, implement a remote coaching program, and begin tracking and reporting evidence of social return


KUTE, Inc.

$15,000 | Awarded: 2019

To expand KSUT Tribal Radio signal to key Native American communities in the Four Corners region


Groundwork Denver Inc.

$40,000 | Awarded: 2019

To support the Bear Creek watershed project and its expansion to northeast Denver


West Colfax Business Improvement District

$60,000 | Awarded: 2019

To continue community engagement and develop strategies to ensure that the Colfax Clover redevelopment project is responsive to community needs and inlcudes planning and


Colorado Forum Fund

$65,000 | Awarded: 2019

To support a second round of community meetings through the Building a Better Colorado initiative and to support research on critical fiscal and governance


Colorado Nonprofit Association

$20,000 | Awarded: 2019

To support the implementation of the Donate to a Colorado Nonprofit state income tax checkoff