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Keystone Center

$100,000 | Awarded: 2018

To define a school concept and design for a tribal school on the Ute Mountain Ute reservation, explore the feasibility of such a school,


Roaring Fork School District

$10,000 | Awarded: 2018

To support a partnership between Roaring Fork School District and charter school leaders


Civic Canopy

$40,000 | Awarded: 2018

Toward support of Gates Family Foundation’s Rural Education Planning Initiative, a partnership with Wend Ventures, that engaged community-based teams from Alamosa, Canon City, and


Climb Higher Colorado

$40,000 | Awarded: 2018

To continue to implement the Systems Impact Institute and provide a fellowship to education leaders to gain skills, develop a network, and construct and


Colorado Forum Fund

$80,000 | Awarded: 2018

To support the Growth Forum’s 2019 collaborative planning efforts


Sand County Foundation

$13,000 | Awarded: 2018

To support the recognition of excellence in agricultural natural resources stewardship by a Colorado family in 2019 and elevate the promotion of the Leopold


Dolores River Boating Advocates

$70,000 | Awarded: 2018

To support efforts to build community around long-term management and protection of the lower Dolores River