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News: 2014


Western Resource Advocates

$140,000 | Awarded: 2014

To document best practices for land use and water planning developed in the 2013 Front Range Land Use Leadership Academy, and to support local


Colorado Humanities

$35,000 | Awarded: 2013

Toward the development and production of a documentary film on the history and present-day issues related to water in Colorado


Colorado Open Lands

$75,000 | Awarded: 2012

To support work to preserve and protect heritage agriculture and traditional water management (Acequia) systems in the oldest settlement area in Colorado


Keystone Center

$25,000 | Awarded: 2013

To provide facilitated dialogue focused on reducing the water footprint of land development


The Nature Conservancy

$200,000 | Awarded: 2014

Toward the continued advancement of The Nature Conservancy’s freshwater program


Roaring Fork Conservancy

$50,000 | Awarded: 2014

Toward development of a Road Map for Crystal River Restoration, including development of a model to understand impacts of irrigation diversions on river flows,


National Forest Foundation

$150,000 | Awarded: 2014

To pilot the use of a federally approved “in lieu fee” program for wetland mitigation credits to support the restoration of over 250 acres


Civic Canopy

$30,000 | Awarded: 2014

To convene and facilitate a series of meetings among a small group of leading outdoor stewardship organizations in Colorado to discuss ways to work