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Wesley A. Brown


Wes Brown has had a distinguished career in investment banking, specializing in merger transactions and debt and equity financing for financial businesses, primarily commercial banks. His investment banking career spanned 1981-2015, and included involvement with 150 transactions totaling in excess of $4 billion. Wes has been personally involved in approximately two-thirds of all bank and thrift merger transactions in Colorado between 1993 and 2015. During that time, he worked extensively with banks based in communities both large and small, throughout all parts of Colorado.

Wes’ investment banking career began in Corporate Finance at Boettcher & Company for 10 years, then at the Wallach Company, LLC, for 10 years, followed by four years with its acquirer, McDonald Investments, a Division of KeyCorp. Wes went on to co-found St. Charles Capital, LLC, in 2005, and served as its first President. The firm grew to 30 employees and the leading Denver-based investment banking firm prior to its sale to KPMG Corporate Finance LLC in 2014. Wes continued in the role of Managing Director for KPMG Corporate Finance through October of 2015.

Wes teaches at the Graduate School of Banking, affiliated with the University of Colorado, and currently serves on the corporate boards of FirstBank Holding Company, a $18 billion bank based in Colorado, and Jack Henry Associates, a large public company providing technology to banks and credit unions.

Wes holds a Masters of Business Administration with honors from the University of Chicago, and a Bachelor of Arts in Economics with distinction from the University of Colorado.

Wes is an avid outdoorsman and mountain climber who has climbed more than 400 different named peaks and has been a Field Active member of the Evergreen-based Alpine Rescue Team for many years.  Wes has been intensely involved with the study and collecting of old maps and regularly gives presentations and publishes papers on the exploration and geographic history of Colorado and the West. Among other things, Wes brings to the board an extensive first-hand knowledge of and interest in Colorado’s diverse rural communities.