Urban Land Conservancy Connects the Dots Between Housing Policy and Segregated Schools - Gates Family Foundation
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Eighty years after it was common practice for public and private sector housing officials to systematically impose residential segregation, many of today’s most segregated schools in Denver are located in those same neighborhoods that were “redlined”.

The Urban Land Conservancy reveals research, local maps, and recommendations to address the issue, in a new essay, “Learn Together, Live Together: A Call for Housing Affordability.” The ULC essay is meant to accompany a recent A+ Colorado report, “Learn Together, Live Together: A Call to Integrate Denver’s Schools“, which spotlights the issues Denver Public Schools (DPS) is facing with the dramatic decline of integrated schools since the end of busing in 1995.

“The link to schools and housing is significant, and if integration is the goal then families must be provided the opportunity to remain in place. For every high-performing school coming into a neighborhood, ULC recommends 500 affordable homes, including rental and for-sale options, be included as part of the school development.”