News: Strategic Grant


Ogallala Commons, Inc.

$50,000 | Awarded: 2017

To support program expansion into three counties (Cheyenne, Kit Carson and Lincoln) in 2017-2018


University of Colorado Anschutz

$98,000 | Awarded: 2015

To the University of Colorado at Denver’s College of Architecture and Planning to establish the Center for Sustainable Urbanism


Sonoran Institute

$62,000 | Awarded: 2015

To support for work with western slope communities on planning for and managing rapid growth and natural asset protection


Town of Hayden

$20,000 | Awarded: 2012

For the Town of Hayden and Hayden Chamber of Commerce to support coordinated implementation of economic development plans


Orton Family Foundation

$110,000 | Awarded: 2011

To support community engagement, planning, revisions to local land use regulations and development management tools, and potentially other community identified projects in Cortez, Colorado


Sonoran Institute

$202,000 | Awarded: 2012

To support the Sonoran Institute’s Western Colorado office to expand its work with Garfield, Eagle and Mesa counties



$5,000 | Awarded: 2012

To support development of marketing materials for the Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy Retrofit Loan Fund for Nonprofit and Community Organizations


CityCraft Foundation

$75,750 | Awarded: 2014

Toward Phases I and II of a community revitalization effort focused on the Denver’s Sun Valley neighborhood and adjacent west Denver neighborhoods


ACCION New Mexico

$85,000 | Awarded: 2015

To support a pool of loan capital for Colorado entrepreneurs working in rural communities